Symblox Is Building a Platform for Synthetic Crypto Assets on Velas Blockchain

NullTX Velas 696x444

Symblox has revealed that it will be building on the Velas artificial intelligence-powered blockchain platform. The solution it is developing will feature attractive protocol mining opportunities via the SYX governance and utility token. Symblox is a defi project building a decentralized cross-chain synthetic assets issuance and trading protocol. Synthetic assets can be broadly defined as all kinds of financial instruments that represent other underlying assets in one way or another. These assets represent a lion’s share of the global financial markets, dwarfing the trading of equities. Examples of synthetic assets in the crypto space include stablecoins, crypto derivatives and security tokens, among others. Supercharging Defi by Boosting the Permissionless Creation and Trading of Synthetic Assets The ultimate goal of Symblox is to use blockchain and smart contracts to greatly expand the reach of defi and let users worldwide readily obtain exposure to a wide variety of real-world assets through their…

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