RSK Expands Bitcoin DeFi With ‘RIF on Chain’ Products

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Money on Chain, the operator of Bitcoin-backed stablecoins on the RSK platform, has announced it is launching a new range of products backed by the RIF token. Under the heading of “RIF on Chain,” the products include a RIF-backed stablecoin and leveraged token. Like Money on Chain’s existing tokens, RIF on Chain will operate on the RSK platform. RSK and RIF are second and third-layer platforms developed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Rde Dollar on Chain, and BitPRO. RIF, which stands for RSK Infrastructure Framework, provides a suite of services for developers, which include storages, payments, and domain addresses. Both platforms operate their own tokens. The RIF ecosystem token now underpins the new range of products launched by Money on Chain. There are three new tokens, called RDOC, RPRO, and RIFX. Introducing RIF on Chain Tokens RDOC is a stablecoin collateralized by RIF tokens and pegged to the US dollar. Unlike…

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