Ripple Sues YouTube Over Numerous XRP Scams

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Ripple is a company that isn’t catering to the traditional cryptocurrency crowd. Even so, it has taken YouTube to court over the many crypto-related scams the platform has allowed to happen in recent months. There are ample of cryptocurrency scams pertaining to YouTube these days. Ripple Takes YouTube to Court Most of them revolve around fake live streams collecting funds and claiming to send back double the amount. None of those streams should be trusted, as they will only result in a loss of funds. Ripple is now suing YouTube because these scams are still allowed to happen today. According to Ripple, the company allowing users to post such fake content and defraud users should be held responsible. Unfortunately, that is not possible due to Section 240 of the Communications Decency Act. That act protects Google, Facebook, and other internet companies from such liabilities. Youtube should be forced to take…

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