Retadup is the Latest Windows Malware Capable of Mining Monero

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It has been a while since Monero malware made headlines. Recent research by Avast shows this industry is far from dead. The Retadup worm is currently infecting thousands of windows machines in Latin America. Once a device is infected, the malware will begin mining the Monero cryptocurrency and attempt to avoid detection. The Retadup Threat is Very Real Security researchers are always on the lookout for new potential threats Criminals continue to show an affinity for malware, ransomware, and every other type of software which can cause significant harm. This has become apparent as far as the Retadup worm is concerned. It is a very real threat which, despite not getting much attention by the media, managed to infect tens of thousands of computers in Latin America. Avast researchers discovered this particular worm across Latin America. It is a nasty piece of software which aims to remain on victims’ computers…

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