Reddit User Mislabels Quora Discussion as Ripple-Stellar Conspiracy

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In the cryptocurrency industry, there has to be some sort of drama every single week. Whether or not the outrage is justified, will always be subject to debate. A recent Quora topic revolving around IBM and Stellar’s partnership has drawn some “heat” for an unknown reason. The person answering this quest is David Schwartz, whom people now think has an “agenda” to bring down Stellar. Quora Topic Draws Unwarranted Attention A recent Reddit post seemingly paints an interesting picture, although all of this information is subject to interpretation and depends on which projects one tends to support over others. The Hatch Agency, a well-known marketing firm, has turned to Quora to ask a question about the ongoing partnership between Stellar and IBM. Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will know about this partnership, as it is considered to be a “pretty big deal” for both parties involved. Strategic partnerships tend to create a…

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