POLS Price Surges Thanks to MXC Yield Mining, Token Listing Tonight

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Polkastarter is one of the new hot projects in the cryptocurrency space today. At its core, it allows for interoperable token pools on the Polkadot network. Its native POLS token is surging in value, partially thanks to the help of MXC. A Brief Polkastarter Overview Expanding the Polkadot ecosystem requires innovative and accessible projects. Polkastarter is one solution, with a strong focus on interoperable token pools. Allowing for cross-chain swaps to occur naturally, combined with KYC integration, cheap transactions, and permissionless listing make this offering very appealing for a wide variety of reasons. The native token of Polkastarter, called POLS, is currently making its way to various exchanges. Trading the token is possible on Uniswap and Poloniex already, with MXC adding the token later today. Speaking of MXC, the platform has integrated an interesting way to let users “generate” POLS before the trading goes live. MXC Yield Mining for POLS…

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