Polkamon explained: The latest craze behind Digital collectible NFTs

NulLTX Polkamon 696x493

Everyone is talking about NFTs, as they should. NFTs are the talk of the cryptocurrency space; if you haven’t heard about NFTs, what do you understand about the crypto space? NFTs have gained traction recently and have seen use in blockchain gaming, the digital art space, and the digital collectibles space. However, not everyone understands them, because let’s be honest. They are a little difficult to understand. NFTs are basically a new way for people to spend their money or an innovative way to make a fortune. Some crypto-enthusiasts believe that NFTs have already surpassed cryptocurrencies in terms of popularity. Such is the buzz around NFTs that a digital artwork created by the artist Beeple auctioned for $69 million. Add to this the approval from the likes of Elon Musk and Before discussing Polkamon, we must understand what NFTs are and how they are changing the digital ownership landscape. Let’s…

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