Northern Bitcoin AG Banks big on Sustainable Cryptocurrency Mining

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The future of Bitcoin mining remains rather uncertain. It is still profitable to do so, yet very few new players seem to enter the market. Northern Bitcoin AG, a German firm, is looking to enter the market with a new setup. By combining a new container solution with innovative air cooling, the company aims to make its ASIC mining operation more profitable. Mining Bitcoin in a Container When people think of major Bitcoin mining operations, they often picture a data center or other large open space. Those units seem to lend themselves perfectly to installing a lot of heat-generating hardware which is rather deafening. As such, old data centers are often turned into Bitcoin mining operations due to their pre-existing infrastructure. Northern Bitcoin AG, on the other hand, aims to take an entirely different approach. They will be using an air-cooled mining container, which will house 144 ASIC miners. It…

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