Never Underestimate a Cryptocurrency Dusting Attack

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In the cryptocurrency world, there are numerous attack vectors. Users need to be aware of all potential problems at every waking moment. Dusting attacks are seemingly becoming slightly more common over the years. It is a very troublesome attack, as it can break [perceived] privacy of cryptocurrency transactions. Why anyone would organize a dusting attack, is a question which remains very difficult to answer. A Dusting Attack is Troublesome Over the past few years, the term dusting attack has come by quite often. It is a very interesting method, although one which can also have nefarious consequences down the line. The main purpose of executing a dusting attack is to effectively break the privacy of any cryptocurrency transaction. This is achieved by sending fractional amounts of coins to personal wallets randomly found on that cryptocurrency’s blockchain. In the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum, obtaining such addresses is not all that…

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