MXC begins its first MX Token “Moasis Project”, sets up 5 million USDT ecosystem fund

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According to the official sources, MXC has begun its “Moasis Project” by setting up a 5 million USDT specialized fund, using Grant incentives to encourage different projects from Ethereum or Polkadot to create new ways of using the MX token, exploring different ecosystems and their potential to integrate with MX. From February 11 16:00, developers can submit their application through their notice ( , and the shortlisted project will be announced on March 17th 2021. The selected project will be able to acquire a 5 million USDT pool of ecosystem funding, alongside MXC’s full support on the project, including a chance at funding and listing. According to the notice, “Moasis Project” aims to not limit whichever chain is being used, realizing cross public chain DeFi asset transfers. This includes Ethereum, Heco, BSC, OKChain, Polkadot, Cosmos, NEO etc; whereas the asset class includes DeFi DEX, lending, insurance, yield farming, derivatives, compounding…

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