MXC Beats the OTC Trading Competition on Fees and Transparency

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Trading cryptocurrency OTC, or Over-the-Counter, is a great way to sell and buy Bitcoin and altcoins. Many platforms provide this functionality, yet transparency regarding fees has always been an issue. MXC offers the lowest fees among top platforms today. OTC Trading for Bitcoin With MXC Whereas a lot of people assume spot trading moves significant amounts of Bitcoin, the same can be said of OTC trading desks. These buy and sell transactions are not visible on an order book. It is a great way to engage in peer-to-peer transacting, and move either small or big amounts of volume with relative ease. All of the major cryptocurrency exchanges provide access to OTC trading these days. Finding the right platform can be a tall order. Judging by the fees alone, MXC has the competition beat hands down. Its fees are the lowest of any top platform today, giving it another competitive edge.…

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