MoneyGram Wants Ripple to Expand its Payment Corridors More Quickly

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Numerous remittance providers are experimenting with new technologies and payment corridors. This is part of the reason why Ripple and XRP have become so successful in recent years. MoneyGram, Ripple’s “biggest” partner in this venture, is now looking to leverage the company’s On-Demand Liquidity in the Philippines and Mexico. xRapid is no More Albeit most people might not have heard the news, Ripple’s xRapid does not exist anymore. Or at least, not under that old name. The company decided to rebrand its service and technology stack to On-Demand Liquidity. It makes a lot of sense, as the service effectively provides partners with on-demand liquidity for their specific business needs. Given how Ripple is currently working with a few money remittance providers, the new name is also a clever marketing ploy. Ever since the name change, it appears Ripple has worked hard behind the scenes to roll out this functionality. As…

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