MIRIS partners with EURxb – completing SVART’s “Green Circle”


Transparency and accountability have been key pillars in developing the MIRIS Green Finance Framework as foundation from which truly sustainable developments such as the ambitious Svart Hotel, set to be the world’s first energy positive hotel in the arctic, can be achieved. Svart is joined with several other green MIRIS programs, such as MIRIS’ Green Compute that transforms Edge Data Centers into Green Energy Creators, that will provide stakeholders with new transparency and liquidity options thanks to the EURxb stablecoin. Empowered by Decentralised Finance through the EURxb MIRIS AS, a Norwegian green and sustainable property developer, is transforming the capital management process of its Green Finance Framework, by incorporating decentralised finance mechanisms through a new Euro stablecoin, in partnership with EURxb.finance. Partnering with EURxb.finance completes the “Green Circle” in our Green Finance Framework, further enhancing transparency and accountability, and democratises access to Miris’s Green programs. This takes the thinking behind…

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