MakerDAO Addresses Stability Fees, Demos State Channel DAI Payments

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Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, has been the topic of conversation across the space lately. In New York Blockchain Week, DeFi has been a main focus of Consensus 2019, and has similarly been the focus of many of the other events and meetups that are taking place elsewhere in the city. At the epicenter of DeFi is MakerDAO, the peer-to-peer lending platform and autonomous financial ecosystem. For many attending Blockchain Week, their week began on Sunday night with the “DAI Hard Drinks” event by Maker and Monsendo. The purpose of the networking event was to showcase the Monsendo payment application, which is a tier two payment solution that operates in DAI. At the event, attendees were provided with unique QR codes. When interacted with on their mobile devices, a web wallet opened up in their browsers and topped up with DAI, that could then be used to purchase drinks at the…

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