Litecoin Hashrate Decreases by Over 50% Since This Year’s Block Reward Halving

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A lot of information can be garnered from looking at any cryptocurrency’s network hashrate. In the case of Bitcoin, the opinions regarding this matter have been well-documented over the past few years. Litecoin, on the other hand, has noted a very significant drop in mining power over the past few months. It appears the recent block reward halving hasn’t had the effect most people had hoped for or gambled on. Where are the Litecoin Miners Going? When the Litecoin block reward was halved successfully, traders and enthusiasts expected big changes. Not only would the price increase, but they also expected to see the miners stick around for a significant amount of time. Despite those initial hopes and expectations three months ago, things have turned out very differently. Both the Litecoin price and the altcoin’s mining power have decreased in spectacular fashion. So much even that one could argue a worrisome…

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