Litecoin Adoption in South Korea may Receive a big Boost

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The Litecoin Foundation is trying to unlock more potential for LTC. A new partnership with MeconCash may be rather significant in this regard. Getting South Koreans excited about cryptocurrencies has seemingly never been much of a problem. Litecoin Gains More Traction in South Korea For Litecoin, it may be a market well worth exploring further. As the Litecoin Foundation has now partnered MeconCash, a lot of potential can be unlocked. Through this integration. Litecoin will become part of the M platform, subjecting it to withdrawals in Korean Won at local ATMs. By default, that means that Litecoin is coming to 13,000 ATMs in South Korea, albeit via a workaround solution. Another option worth exploring is how this integration unlocks remittance support from South Korea to overseas locations. For an altcoin on the scale of Litecoin, partnerships like these are crucial to ensure the survival of the ecosystem. Keeping people excited…

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