KittieFIGHT Brings Yield Farming and High Rewards to Battling CryptoKitties

NulLTX KittieFIGHT 696x522

Building on the success of existing projects can unlock a wave of innovation. KittieFIGHT is taking the CryptoKitties concept to a whole new level. The new project also introduces high yield farming through its native Volcano feature and a Dutch auction. Remind me of CryptoKitties Again? A few years ago, the Ethereum ecosystem was first introduced to CryptoKitties. According to some, it is a cat-based Tamagotchi on the blockchain, although there are some interesting differences. Users can not only collect digital cats issued as Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, but they can also begin to breed with them. This latter aspect will introduce new digital cats to collect or buy, allowing users to make money in the process. Breeding these digital cats is not an easy feat, but the allure of making money has attracted many enthusiasts over the years. The success of CryptoKitties ensured the project has been…

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