Kava’s DeFi Money Market Cross-chain, Hard Protocol, Launches Yield Farming on Binance Launchpool

NullTX Kava 696x389

Hard Protocol, a cross-chain money market built on the Kava multi-asset DeFi platform, is set to debut on the Binance Launchpool today. According to a press release by Kava Labs, Hard Protocol will enable Binance users to stake KAVA, BNB and BUSD tokens to earn ‘HARD’ governance tokens in return. The Binance Launchpool was released a few months ago in an effort to expose more crypto enthusiasts to DeFi at a lower risk level. With Hard Protocol launching in this ecosystem, prospects will be able to participate in its governance through the HARD tokens earned. These digital assets power the Hard Protocol DeFi money market by incentivizing early participation and maintaining a sustainable DeFi platform to facilitate further decentralized development. Notably, Hard Protocol had initially launched as Harvest.io but later changed the name to distinguish from Harvest.finance which rolled out at the same time. The Hard Protocol DeFi ecosystem is…

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