Is it Worth Shorting Cryptocurrencies With Trading Bots?

As the cryptocurrency industry remains subject to a lot of bearish price pressure, it would appear the demand to short these assets is increasing. For most users, this process needs to be automated as well. Some trading bots on the market allow for such functionality, although it is always risky to engage in such financial activities. Shorting Cryptocurrency Makes Sense To users who only want to make money with Bitcoin and altcoins, any opportunity to do so will be worth exploring. Even if that opportunity will only create more negative price sentiment, it can still lead to profits for those who time their actions correctly. Shorting Bitcoin and altcoins is a service that is slowly becoming more common across different exchanges and service providers. That is only normal, as demand for such services is on the rise since early 2018. Even though manually shorting cryptocurrencies isn’t necessarily difficult, the demand…

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