Hyperscaling Ecosystem DataGrid Blockchain’s Token Sale Is Open To Investors

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DataGrid Blockchain is not like your typical blockchain that can’t scale, meet mainstream needs, or attract mainstream traction. Their upcoming token sale attracts many eyeballs, and neither bots nor whales are welcome. Matching The Evolution of Internet Speeds Anyone who has ever used Bitcoin or Ethereum as a blockchain to transfer data or send money knows these ecosystems are terrible: it takes minutes, if not hours, to get anything done these days. This approach is no longer viable in the modern world, and it is for this reason that DataGrid Blockchain takes a very different approach. Rather than being restricted by technological constraints, the only limiting factor is your internet speed. Unlike other blockchains, DataGrid Blockchain pushes the boundaries of existing internet infrastructure by using an innovative sharding system to send data around at parallel speeds. There is no limit to how much data this chan can process at any…

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