How and Where to Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Cryptocurrencies

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In recent weeks, observers across the board have seen the price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum skyrocket, blowing past the bold expectations of the most seasoned “Crypto Twitter” forecasters. Predictably, such explosive price action has attracted legions of new investors seeking Alpha. Objective measures of this phenomenon are the record institutional inflows (billions of dollars invested with a sense of urgency rarely seen in Grayscale, Galaxy Digital and other Funds), Decentralized exchange Total Value Locked (billions of dollars locked at the time of writing) and Transaction Flow, and the amount of Exchanges going down (Coinbase, Robinhood) due to the massive influx of brand new customers rabidly buying and selling. With thousands of projects and tokens to invest in, it is safe to say that within the cryptocurrency Market, and in the context of this new “Bull Run”, there is no shortage of investment opportunities. Getting into the market…

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