Has Andre Cronje Borrowed Elements From SIL Finance?

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The Defi space is home to hundreds of projects, which can sometimes lead to naming issues. With two versions of SIL making waves, there is some confusion to take into account. Sushiswap’s sil and SIL Finance are two very different concepts. Picking the Right SIL/sil It is unfortunate when two concepts come to market with the same name. Finding a unique brand is challenging in the cryptocurrency space. The recent growth of DeFi as an industry has made this process even more complicated than before. The industry needs many improvements, and some of these upgrades share acronyms with new projects coming to market. In the past two weeks, there has been some confusion regarding the SIL brand. It refers to SIL Finance, a new DeFi platform in development since late 2020. However, there is also Sushiswap’s Single-Sided Exposure Impermanent Loss Mitigation or sil. It is crucial to distinguish between the…

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