GeyserCoin Price: Massive 70% Pump Prior to the Next Dump

Despite an overall bearish momentum affecting all cryptocurrency markets, some currencies still note surprising gains. Most of the gains are associated with currencies which have a small market cap, as those values are easier to manipulate. The GeyserCoin is a very interesting example in this regard, as it fluctuates fairly regularly. Geysercoin Price is Very Volatile In the cryptocurrency industry, there is no lack of price volatility. Although the biggest USD changes tend to affect Bitcoin and Ethereum first and foremost, the smaller-cap altcoins tend to show some interesting momentum as well. The GeyserCoin price, for example, has noted a very strong gain in the past 24 hours, despite losing nearly as much value over the past week. To put this in perspective, the GeyserCoin price has risen by 70.75% in the past 24 hours. For a currency with a market cap of $12,014 and a volume of $2,360, it…

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