Freeliquid Expands Liquidity Pool Lending Solution to Binance Smart Chain

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With the decentralized finance market in full swing, it only makes sense that a noticeable upsurge in crypto-backed lending is being observed. Digital asset enthusiasts have now understood that crypto-backed loans create new revenue opportunities without tampering with one’s current capital inflow. In other words, in the absence of idle cryptocurrencies, one can leverage crypto-backed loans to open additional revenue streams. This happens without sacrificing profits obtained through price growth, staking, yield farming, or providing liquidity within AMMs. Such is the case with Freeliquid, an innovative service that provides users with stablecoin loans in exchange for collateralizing their liquidity pool tokens. Understanding Freeliquid’s Value Proposition Automated market makers (AMMs) work by having users deposit two tokens of an equal dollar value to a liquidity pool. Contributors are then rewarded with a share of the transaction fees incurred by the pool, proportionally to their deposits. To keep count of everyone’s contribution,…

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