Electroneum Unveils its M1 Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Phone

It would appear as if a lot of technology manufacturers pay attention to blockchain and cryptocurrency. This becomes very apparent given the launch of “blockchain phones” and devices capable of supporting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin out of the box. The Electroneum team, while building an altcoin for the mobile ecosystem, has also built a phone. Known as the M1, it can be rather appealing to the right people. Electroneum’s M1 Phone has Potential One would not necessarily expect a cryptocurrency project to unveil its own native phone. Building such a device is one thing, but ensuring it can be distributed on a large scale is something else entirely. In the case of Electroneum, the team has built a new phone known as the 1. While it remains unclear who manufactured it exactly, the device will provide people with access to ETN cloud mining. For those who have paid close attention to…

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