CoinFi CEO Findings Hint at Potential Premeditated Crypto Market Selloff

When it comes to the current Bitcoin price momentum, it is rather evident things may not necessarily evolve in a positive direction moving forward. In fact, the opinions on cryptocurrency prices throughout 2019 are all over the place, although CoinFi co-founder Timothy Tan isn’t too impressed at this stage. In fact, he has identified some potential signs which indicate this most recent drop off was a matter of time. A Premeditated Cryptocurrency Dump For as long as cryptocurrency has been around, it appears there have been concerns regarding potential insider trading. Although none of these claims have been proven to be correct – so far – it would appear the number of allegations isn’t necessarily diminishing either. That in itself always makes for some interesting discussions, albeit it also highlights one of the main problems this industry faces right now. Distrust leads to more volatility, which is not necessarily what…

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