Cocoricos: A Platform Aiming To Democratize Finance Through $2M-Goal Of Initial Liquidity Offering

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It’s been almost 10 years since DeFi has stepped on the stable ground of finance to change the trajectory of its progression once and for all. Since its beginning, many projects spectacularly evolved being destined for a brilliant future, even threatening to cannibalize what we know now as centralized exchanges. That all hints to an intensifying race for excellence that in the future years will make many players knocked out from the ring, while leaving the few others to reap all the rewards. For that reason, many platforms use various techniques to boost engagement with their market offering. One of such increasingly popular and assuredly rewarding ways of attracting the public is gaming – that’s an activity where a set of players contend for the cryptocurrency pot that is bestowed on the winning party by results of the game. The Ethereum network is largely responsible for driving the gaming forward,…

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