Bybit’s World Series of Trading Series Ends with $1.3M in Prizes as Crypto Becomes a Casino

NullTX ByBit WSOT UNICIEF 696x365

Crypto has always been a casino, but August 2020 will go down as the month when the industry’s traders embraced their inner degen, abandoning all pretence that they are in anything but a high-stakes game. The embodiment of this trend can be seen in Bybit’s World Series of Trading (WSOT) where the winners walked away with close to $1.3M in prizes and the bragging rights to boot. At least Bybit’s WSOT event was honest about its intentions: this was a straight up survival of the fittest event from the get-go. Over on Ethereum, defi’s nobler intentions of banking the banked have been waylaid in favor of full-blown degeneracy as speculators rush from one yield farming game to another, sending gas prices past 500 gwei and leaning into their gambling addiction. There, the term “degen” has been taken as a badge of pride. Bybit’s WSOT, in comparison, seems almost wholesome. In…

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