Bitfinex Claims it is a Victim of Crypto Capital’s Illicit Business Practices

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Over the years, there have been numerous allegations of wrongdoings by the Bitfinex exchange. None of those claims have ever been proven. In a recent announcement, the company claims it too fell victim to the business practices by Crypto Capital. A somewhat surprising turn of events, albeit it would explain a few things. The Crypto Capital Problem Numerous companies have come and gone in the cryptocurrency world over the years Some of those which disappeared have been charged with fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering, among other things. The latest company to be put in this category is Crypto Capital. Its President was arrested in Poland this week and is suspected of laundering money over a span of multiple years. Although most people might not know this company by name, it had fingers in many pies. Their main business model revolves around providing financial services to cryptocurrency exchanges. Their list of…

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