Bitcoin and Altcoin Prices Collapse Once Again as Industry Remains on Wobbly Legs

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Everyone can see the cryptocurrency markets aren’t heading in the right direction. Bitcoin is bleeding value once again, which automatically forces the rest of the markets to follow suit. With Ethereum dipping below $180 and Litecoin not sustaining $80, the remainder of the week looks rather bleak once again. Bitcoin Price Stumbles Again It would appear there is no new all-time high Bitcoin price of 2019 in sight. Despite multiple attempts to reach $13,000 again and potentially surpassing it, all effort has been in vain. This most recent attempt saw the price rejected near $12,000. Right now, Bitcoin’s value is heading to the low $10,000 range. Dropping below that threshold is not impossible by any means either. Finding a reason for this price decline is not easy.. Many factors are at play, although price manipulation remains one of the biggest concerns. The current pressure on all financial markets should be…

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