Billionare’s Wife Kidnappers Demand a 9 Million Euro Monero Ransom

There are numerous correlations between cryptocurrency and criminal activity. This trend has been apparent for years and only seems to grow bolder every quarter. A group of individuals who kidnapped the wife of a wealthy Norwegian now demands a ransom in Monero. More specifically, they want to obtain 9 million euro worth of Bitcoin. A rather disturbing development for all parties involved. A Major Monero-related Kidnapping It is not uncommon for criminals to try and obtain illicit cryptocurrency payments. Whether it is through malicious software, cryptojacking, extortion, hacking, or darknet activity, all of these avenues are well-documented. What is rather unusual is how people will purposefully kidnap others simply to obtain a big Monero payment. Such a story is currently developing in Europe, where a 9 million euro Monero ransom is currently in the balance. This entire story goes back to late October 2018. Tom Hagen, a wealthy Norwegian individual,…

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