Better Bitcoin Invoicing is Beneficial to all Industries

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Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity all over the world. For merchants, it introduces a new payment option with far fewer headaches. Invoicing clients has also become a lot simpler with the help of solutions such as DAOWallet. Bitcoin Spending Among Merchants is Increasing Earlier this way, Coinbase released some crucial information. This popular exchange platform provides invoicing and payment processing solutions for store owners all over the world. Accepting Bitcoin payments can be done regardless of whether one has an offline or online store. More specifically, Coinbase Commerce processed $135 million in crypto payments in 2019. A respectable number for an industry that is still often overlooked. Moreover, this is a 600% increase in merchant volume compared to 2018. Not only does this confirm the potential of Coinbase Commercie, but it shows that merchants are actively seeking for solutions. These statistics are further reinforced by a Chainalysis report. The blockchain…

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