An Interview with DeepBrain Chain’s Founding Member, Yong He, On the Project’s Commercialization, Revenue, Mainnet Public Test Phase II and Supernodes Election

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DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is a project established at the end of 2017, seeking to build the world’s largest distributed high-performance computing network through blockchain technology. After four years of hard work, DBC is now the first to be commercialized in the field of decentralized computing. In the past six months, its price has rose nearly 30 times. According to DBC’s product roadmap, it launched public test phase I in March this year, and has attracted the participation of community members from more than ten countries, including China, the United States, Russia and Singapore, in addition to more than 20 FileCoin brand vendors actively participating in the supernodes election. It is worth noting that the total number of DBCs issued is 10 billion, of which mining generates 40%, and DBCs will use deflationary means to ensure the interests of miners. This month, DBC will enter the mainnet public test phase II…

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