An Increase in Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Volume Isn’t a Good Thing

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Many different factors can influence the future value of Bitcoin. Given the current circumstances, it seems rather unlikely that any major uptrend will materialize. The Bakkt Bitcoin futures are seemingly becoming more popular, but it seems plausible to assume that popularity will only trigger more bearish pressure in the foreseeable future. Bakkt is on the Move Many people still have high expectations for Bitcoin futures, even though they may very well be the bane of the cryptocurrency industry. Bakkt is the latest platform to provide exposure to these trading vehicles, yet it seems the overall excitement isn’t there yet. In recent weeks, the company has noted a steady increase in overall volume, albeit there is still a very long way to go. Based on the Bakkt Volume Bot account on Twitter, it is evident that something is up with these contracts. A new all-time high was reached this past Wednesday,…

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