Ad-Blocking Pando Browser Surpasses 100,000 Android Installations

Pando Browser Corporate Billboard 696x392

Competition is heating up among internet browsers that seek to protect their users. Solutions capable of blocking advertisements and tracking cookies gain popularity. Pando Browser has attracted over 100,000 Android installs within three months after its launch. Pando Browser Packs A Punch Unlike a standard browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari, Pando Browser prioritizes blocking advertisements and building a more transparent internet. Rather than rewarding advertisers and technology giants, the Pando team rewards contribution. Whenever users see ads, they are eligible for a reward. The concept is going over well with users worldwide, especially in the mobile department. The browser has built-in IPFS integration and mining rewards for its users. Active ecosystem participants receive PANDO coin, a native cryptocurrency that can be sent and received across the network. It is also a currency found on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bittrex Global and MXC Exchange. Another crucial aspect of…

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