A Beginner’s Guide to HODLC

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From the outside, crypto can seem like an intimidating topic. There is a plethora of new vocabulary and a steep learning curve. Newcomers can feel bewildered or lost in a maze of competing projects. Even experienced tech users can feel as though they’ve entered a topsy-turvy world. However, circumnavigating those concerns is crucial to ensure broader adoption, which is precisely what HODLCommunity (HODLC) is all about. The Scary Nature of Crypto As an onlooker, the daunting nature of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, should not be dismissed. Crypto is not one’s traditional investment opportunity. It requires a strong stomach to ride the rollercoaster of market volatility. While crypto-assets offer a lot of freedom, there is a multitude of responsibilities to keep in mind. Striking a balance between the two is no easy feat. Many people have given crypto a cursory glance and decided not to partake in it due…

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