5GB Block Processor ILCOIN Criticizes Bitcoin SV’s Statement Regarding Setting New 638MB Block Size Record

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The Bitcoin SV network stated in a March 16 announcement that it achieved a world record by processing a 638MB block, claiming it to be the first and largest of its kind. The developers of the Bitcoin SV network have also claimed that no other blockchain to date is capable of processing transaction blocks of such sizes or higher at acceptable transaction fees that would make their use for business applications scalable and feasible. Though the announcement resulted in a major rally of investors towards Bitcoin SV in the days following the mining of the 638MB block, the statement of it being a record is false, as the ILCOIN Blockchain Project successfully created a 5GB block on its live network as early as in November of 2019. The existence of the 5GB block size can be verified on the ilcoinexplorer.com resource. Incidentally, many of the numerous articles highlighting the event…

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