Yes, Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Are In, a $100.3 Million Buy Order is Just the Beginning

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Bitcoin price up 26 percentSurge because of a 20,000 BTC single buy order The crypto market is raving, posting double-digit gains and poised for now thanks to a $100 million, single buy order trigger identified by blockchain sleuths. Because of favorable candlestick arrangement, Bitcoin is likely to edge higher but could first correct to $4,500—700 zone before trend continuation.Bitcoin Price AnalysisFundamentalsGood news is Bitcoin (BTC) is up 26 percent in the last week, hauling periphery altcoins. Thus far, it is an impressive performance and despite all the skepticism around the source of this “pump,” technical as well as fundamental factors are supportive of BTC buyers.While it is likely that yesterday’s and today’s rally could cause an over-extension forcing a correction, there is an opportunity for traders. There are more than two reasons why BTC and the crypto market could inch higher in days ahead.Apart from politics around Brexit, there is…

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