Will Ethereum Surge Past $300 When Bitcoin Finally Corrects?

For the best part of the last month Bitcoin has been relentlessly chomping into the altcoin markets as its dominance surged to a seventeen month high of 60 percent. An inevitable cooling off and pull back for Bitcoin is expected, but will traders be putting their profits back into fiat or choosing low priced alternatives such as Ethereum?Ethereum Prices Sill On The FloorEthereum is rallying at the moment but the long term picture still shows ETH depressed at mid-2017 prices, down 84 percent from its all-time high of $1,400. Comparatively, Bitcoin has almost doubled in six weeks and is only 60 percent off its peak price.Ethereum shot to $400 in June 2017 and then again in early September but spent a lot of time hovering around the $200 to $300 level. It only really took off in December of that year in a short lived rally that was on the…

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