“We’ll help you pay for everything with Crypto” – An Interview with Co-Founder of Crypterium

“Cryptocurrencies have become a must-have attribute of a modern person,” says Vladimir Gorbunov, co-founder of Crypterium. Yet, they don’t have much use beyond trading and investment. How can we turn cryptocurrencies into real money that you can spend in the nearest supermarket? NewsBTC spoke directly with Vladimir to get the answers. NewsBTC: Define Crypetrium for our readers in layman’s terms.Vladimir Gorbunov: Crypterium is the first global crypto bank that enables you to spend your cryptocurrency just as quickly as cash: in the nearest supermarket, while traveling, or shopping online, whenever and wherever you want.The purpose is crystal clear to any cryptocurrency holder who currently has pretty much no way to spend crypto in real life. Though they want to pay their bills, pay off loans and make everyday purchases with crypto, they don’t have such an opportunity at the moment. We are giving them that opportunity.Why would anyone want to…

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