US Stocks Rise on Positive Trade Talks with China; Bitcoin Cautious

The US stocks opened Wednesday on a higher note as President Donald Trump signaled positive outcomes of their trade talks with China.The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 0.5 percent to 23902 points after adding 115 points while the S&P 500 gained 0.3 percent. The Nasdaq Composite Index surged by 43.2 – or 0.6 percent – to 6941. The jump marked the market’s fourth consecutive upside session – the first time since Sep 14 – correcting 9% from its Dec 24 lows. However, the market remained 11% down from its 2017 peak.The latest round of talks between the US and China ended Wednesday, reportedly on a positive note. The sectors posted oversold conditions in the previous financial quarter are doing well, particularly trade-delicate industrial stocks and energy shares. Commodities are also walking north as news about Federal Reserve deciding to deaccelerate its internet rate hikes comes to the surface. It allowed…

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