Tron Project Accused of Misleading Developers in $1 Million Dapp Contest

Was Tron’s famous $1 million blockchain dapp development competition a con trick? The question is currently doing the rounds on social media these days.Redditor 9HIL collected pieces of evidence that show that Tron was misleading participants. The independent investigator substantiated that Tron firstly delayed its winner announcement and then changed prize payouts. For instance, the lowest winning of $5,000 was, at the last moment, slashed to $1,000. At the same time, the total number of winners was increased from 56 projects to more than 100.9HIL provided the copy of an email that Tron allegedly sent to contestants. It read:“Due to the unexpectedly high volume of competitive projects, we have made some adjustments to the prize structure, one of them is to award over 100+ projects instead of 56 projects. More details to be announced soon. Please stay tuned.”Many contestants reached out to the Tron Accelerator program’s officials with their discontent.…

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