The Current Bitcoin (BTC) Revival Propped By Low Volumes

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Bitcoin prices up, banding along the upper BBCraig Wright sued for allegedly defrauding Dave Kleiman Transaction volumes low, averages must be above 40k for BTC to rallyThe family of Dave Kleiman is suing Craig Wright for $5 billion claiming that he unlawfully forged, backdated and signed off part of Dave’s share of around 1.1 million BTCs they had mined. Whether an eventual closure will see these BTCs liquidated or not, Bitcoin prices are recovering although with light trade volumes.Bitcoin Price AnalysisFundamentalsCraig Wright is a controversial figure. He claims to be the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who mined the first 50 Bitcoins and made the first Bitcoin transfer sending 10 BTCs to Hal Finney. Created as an alternative to Banks blamed for creating a crisis, Bitcoin has grown by leaps and bounds since launching back in 2019.A decade later, a case tagging Craig Wright has been revived in a US…

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