Swedish Man Sent to Prison for Mailing Bomb to Bitcoin Firm CryptoPay

A Swedish man suspected in a case involving a bomb being mailed to a Bitcoin firm has been convicted of attempted murder and is facing up to seven years in prison.Swedish Bitcoin Bomber Convicted of Attempted MurderAccording to the Associated Press, Michael Salonen, age 43, has been sentences to up to seven years in prison by the Stockholm District Court. Salonen has been convicted of attempted murder, after the individual mailed a letter bomb to London-based Bitcoin firm CryptoPay. Salonen has also been convicted of mailing threatening letters to Swedish lawmakers and government officials.Court documents reveal that back in August of 2017, Salonen mailed a package addressed to two of CryptoPay’s employees, containing two bombs – similar to pipe bombs – to CryptoPay’s offices. The package was sent in care of The Accountancy Cloud to CryptoPay employees George Basiladze and Dmitrii Guniashov; however, CryptoPay co-founder Wesley Rashid opened the package,…

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