Study: Despite Perceived Riskiness, Bitcoin Has a Higher Risk-Return Ratio Than Most Traditional Assets

It’s no secret that one hallmark of Bitcoin and the entire crypto markets is that they are volatile, going through major pricing cycles at a rapid speed that limits investing in the nascent technologies for only the brave of heart.Despite this, recently released research signals that Bitcoin actually has a far higher risk-return ratio than most major traditional assets, which may provide some solace to crypto investors who fear that increased volatility will lead to potential losses down the road.Bitcoin (BTC) Surges to Fresh Year-To-Date Highs Amidst Widespread Market RecoveryIt is important to note that the positive risk-reward ratio that Bitcoin has compared to other assets has been largely driven by the cryptocurrency’s massive price surges that it has incurred since its inception, which have taken BTC from being a niche technology to a mainstream investment asset that is being closely looked at by retail and institutional investors alike.In 2017,…

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