South Korean Lawmakers Seek Reversal of Ban on ICOs

The regulatory landscape in South Korea tends to change quite a bit. Especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and ICOs, the future looks rather bright. A new proposal seeks to legalize the launch of new initial coin offerings in this part of the world. The bill has not been officially approved or endorsed, yet it sets a positive tone in general. Legalizing ICOs in South KoreaA few people were surprised when South Korean officials decided to “ban” initial coin offerings. At that time, the ICO industry was firing on all cylinders, yet posted a lot of regulatory concerns. To this day, most of these concerns are still valid. However, one can argue the industry as a whole has begun to mature, which is a positive trend. So much even that South Korean lawmakers are prepared to take a completely different approach.Various lawmakers introduced a new bill to legalize future initial…

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