Samsung, JP Morgan—Microsoft are Ethereum (ETH) Primers, Next $250?

Ethereum Daily Chart May 13

Ethereum (ETH) up 21.7 percentThe platform is way ahead of competitors and could replace Bitcoin as a store of valueMike Novogratz is an experience institutional investor is positive on Ethereum (ETH) saying that the platform is “way ahead.” His comments mirrored our previous assertion and reflected on the level of on-chain development gauged from the number of monthly active developers. In a bullish breakout pattern, it is likely prices will expand towards $200 and $250 in days ahead.Ethereum Price AnalysisFundamentalsIn the race to superiority, Ethereum is ahead of competitors. Not in terms of price—it has been one of the poorest performing digital asset before Apr-May upswings, nor scalability or speed, but in on-chain development and preference by government agencies.Thanks to the network’s smart contracting capabilities and specific improvement through the last Constantinople hard fork, traders are expecting a freeze before Serenity. The EIP 1234 and reduction of rewards are all…

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