Ripple (XRP) Medium-Term Trend Is Set, 80 Cents Likely

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Ripple prices solid above 34 centsWill banks shift to xRapid because of the solution’s benefits?Several analyses show that xRapid is cheap and fast. As such, it is likely that once there is regulatory certainty around XRP, more banks will shift towards xRapid supporting Ripple (XRP) prices.Ripple Price AnalysisFundamentalsMany proposals will see banker’s profit slashed. One of them is the proposal to shift away from the high-latency messaging network in SWIFT towards a time-saving, cost-saving and the transparent system powered by RippleNet. With xRapid–and through economies of scale, adopting firms can save up to 70 percent should they incorporate the solution.In a report, Ripple Inc concludes saying:“Respondent banks that use Ripple with XRP as a bridge currency can save up to 42 percent on costs today, and up to 60 percent as XRP gains usage and volatility decreases. To accelerate market thickness and reduce volatility for XRP, Ripple will soon introduce…

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