Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Find Support as Bears Slow Down

Ripple price 3 cents from the primary supportExim bank set to adopt the xRapid system by the end of March 2019Transaction volumes low but XRP is technically bullishOver and above everything, Sep 2018 rally guides our medium to long-term price projection. In the short-term, price drops below our support line at 30 cents could see XRP tumble below 25 cents invalidating our bullish stand. Before then, we recommend patience with an upbeat outlook.Ripple Price AnalysisAt current rates, XRP is down 11.6 percent from last week’s close against the USD. Even if sellers appear to be in charge over the short-term, we shall retain a bullish outlook over the long term as laid out in our previous XRP/USD trade plans. Then, we said XRP rally depend on solid fundamentals as well as favorable technical candlestick arrangements.From candlesticks, bulls must first build momentum and drive prices above 40 cents at the back…

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