Prominent Investor Optimistic, Awaits Crypto Adoption In 2019

Many pundits have agreed that crypto and related technologies have the potential to shift global paradigms. And while this potential is widely acknowledged, with many forward-thinkers throwing themselves at the blockchain ecosystem, adoption of crypto products has yet to occur. But one prominent Bitcoin investor expects for this to change in the coming months.Related Reading: PwC Crypto: 2018’s Bitcoin Crash “Cleared Out The Noise”Multicoin Capital Head Expects Crypto AdoptionBusiness Insider recently sat down with Kyle Samani, the managing partner of Multicoin Capital, to discuss his predictions on the crypto ecosystem for 2019. Although Samani was hesitant to give price predictions, the Multicoin co-founder drew attention to a number of expected industry themes, namely the adoption of blockchain technologies. He explained that during 2019, he awaits the launch of a number of “high profile blockchain products,” which are likely to attract a mass of customers, from both the institutional and retail…

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